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Today to introduce the micro moisture meter instantaneous speed distance sampling method, I hope you can take a little time to look at the following article, I believe you will be harvested.

Trace moisture tester using novel instantaneous velocity distance sampling method (both in the given time pulse fill in the time pulse number measurement method for the determination of the instantaneous speed of motor vehicles), the distance sampling method to test the accuracy is much higher than that of foreign customary time sampling method. It is multifunctional, arranged in the function and operation mode selection, data acquisition and processing, sensor distribution and other aspects are unique. New development of micro moisture meter sample machine test, the test precision self-test and 240 hours of continuous work, in terms of precision, the function and practicability than similar products, is a novel determination of trace water meter products.

Hope that the introduction of a simple trace moisture analyzer, you can bring to the benefits, we serve you wholeheartedly.

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