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Trace moisture tester now has a lot of people use, but in actual operation, we should pay attention to what? Here we meet together.

1, in order to get accurate results, to sample amount appropriately according to the moisture content of the sample to the control sample.

To ensure that the injector is used the dry sample 2, before a sample has a special injector, if multiple samples share a sampler.

3, the sample prior to using filter paper from the end to the front end of the cleaning injection gas needle, avoid the needle attached to the reagent water into or attached to the sample pad, resulting in inaccurate test results.

4, into the sample, press start button should be as fast as possible will be injected into the sample reagent.

5, when the sample into the cell, the liquid injector needle to be inserted into the electrolyte, liquid, solid, gas sampling device and the sample should not be in contact with the inner wall of the titration cell and electrode.

6, to ensure the consistency of each sample, the better consistency, the better the data repeatability.

Above is about the operation of micro moisture meter note, the use of trace moisture tester must remember oh.

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