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Failure detector electrolyte can lead to moisture meter, in the production cost and improve production efficiency, reduce the case will continue to affect production. Moisture meter and electrolyte failure element causes after analysis found that the following three conditions with the possible failure.

(1) the electrolyte used for more than one month;

(2) the electrolyte color becomes deep (not under the iodine state);

(3) the measuring electrode plug of the electrolytic cell is inserted into the measuring socket of the host machine, and the electrolytic electrode plug is inserted into the electrolytic socket of the host machine. Shake a few pool, open the electrolysis, stirring button. If this is in a state of iodine, with 50? 1 into the injector extraction amount of water injected electrolysis cell (the needle should be inserted into the liquid), always observe the electrolyte of color, until you start counting. Turn off the stirring, shaking the electrolytic cell uniform, the water and air electrolyte electrolytic cell in full reaction, then open the instrument to stir, reach the end, then the sample injection test. But if the electrolyte failure, according to the previous steps after repeated several times even shake the electrolytic cell electrolysis process is difficult to reach the end.

In order to ensure the smooth production, production efficiency improved, in the production process should always pay attention to changes in moisture meter and electrolyte replacement at any time, to avoid unnecessary waste of time.

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