Joining in Us
Age:Over 25 years of age

Position statement:

1.The hardware circuit design of the product (low frequency simulation circuit and high speed digit circuit):

2.Embedded software design of the product.

3.Evaluation and test on the components selected for the product;

4.Test and maintenance of the product;

5.Joint debugging and production of the product, as well as the guarantee of accomplishment of the product as schedule.

Job requirement:

1、Measurement and control/electronic engineering/automation/communication engineering/electronic information and related major, undergraduate and above degree;

2、protel/cadenceSkilled at simulation circuit and digital circuit, and master EDA design tools such as protel/cadence.

3、On top of C language programming;

4、Familiar with software design flow and software engineering standard;

5、We provide priority to the experience of embedded application product or related instruments and meters.

Age:Over 25 years of age

Position statement:

1.In charge of the plan design of the mechanical structure of the product, as well as parts model selection and detailed engineering design;

2. In charge of the assembly and debugging of the model machine of the researched product;

3. In charge of the process file and inspection regulations as well as the development process technical document of the developed product;

Position requirements:

1、Education background: mechanical design, electromechanical engineering or mechanical automation related majors, undergraduate or above degree;

2、With more than one year of product design experience of precise instrument, automation equipment or mechanical and electronic integration;

3、AutoCAD,SolidWorksSkilled at mechanical structure design, and master software such as AutoCAD and SolidWorks;

4、Familiar with the design flow and processing technology of various parts such as steel metal parts, machined works and plastic parts;

5、With certain precise mechanism assembly experience;

6、Positive, optimistic, and with teamwork spirit as well as preferable communication ability and anti-pressure ability;


Position statement:

In charge of the product sales of analysis instrument in specific area or in the industry, to achieve sales target.

Implement the company marketing plan and develop target customer, as well as establish and maintain preferable customer relationship.

Assist to develop, cultivate and manage local dealers, to ensure the smooth channel.

Collect and deliver information such as product, technology, industry and competition.

Cooperate with supporting and service departments, to improve customer satisfaction.

Maintain and update customer and channel data in time, and submit accurate sales statement on time.

Post requirements:

Analysis electrics, electric power, chemistry, precise instrument and electronic commerce related majors, junior college or above degree.

Familiar with commonly used analysis instruments, and good at finding business opportunities. With sales experience of more than one year.

Energetic, positive, self-confident; with outstanding communicating and expressing ability as well as team spirit.

Undertake high work stress, with strong power of execution.

Enjoy good health, adaptive to frequent business trip.

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