Joining in Us

Core outlook on talents

Songzheng Instrument firmly believes that talents are the power for enterprise development and the cores of the competitiveness of the enterprise. Songzheng Instrument devotes itself to establishing platforms for staffs to give their full play to create value and conduct self-realization.

Standard for talents selection

According to Songzheng Instrument, talents mean staffs who agree with the enterprise culture, with sense of responsibility and aggressive mind and can accomplish work tasks. Songzheng insists on selecting staffs with morality and skill, in which morality is the first principle.

Salary and Welfare

New employee orientation training:

Songzheng conducts multiple forms of training to new employees such as military training, enterprise culture and product knowledge learning, and assigns teachers to provide guidance for new employees to fit in enterprise culture, master post, living and learning skills; teachers will conduct training to the basic skills needed for the own works, and promote further technological promotion requirement.

Training opportunity for general staffs:

Lecturer system: The company promote “lecturer system” in the range of all the employees, to establish internal lecturer team and inherit company skills and culture. The internal lecturers come from the backbones of various departments; besides inheriting knowledge for the company, it is also an opportunity for the employees who are glad to conduct sharing and with abundant experience to have self-exhibition.

Professional skill training: The company organizes the employees of related departments for professional skill training according to the business development and requirements, with the forms including internal training, external training and investigation.

Salary and Welfare

As a new high-tech enterprise with quick development, Songzheng Instrument devotes itself to providing employees with competitive salary and welfare. On salary design aspect, Songzheng Instrument determines salary according to post, ability and performance, and it respects to the paying out of the employees, and pays attention to the development and return of employees; on welfare design aspect, Songzheng cares about the demands of employees, and pays attention to the benefits of employees. Besides the social security benefits specified by our country, our company also provides other welfare projects including health care and employee care.

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