About Us

Top-ranking Research and Development Team

Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc provides excellent scientific talents with top-ranking treatment and challenging topics. Relying on relaxed development platform and leading innovation management mechanism, it has established the top ranking technology research and development team with Bian Zhiqiang, the doctor who graduated from Tsinghua University and used to study in Japan, as chief technical expert and multiple engineers with senior industry background as backbones.

Preferable Product Quality

Besides the relying on the top-ranking research and development team, Songzheng also pays attention to the manufacturing and processing process to ensure quality. The raw materials and components utilized are all international first-line brands: for example, IC: brand new industrial level IC such as TI, analog and ST; capacity: Murata; electronic sensor: TDK and Murata; before leaving from the factory, all the products had passed high temperature, low temperature and on-charge 72h aging screening. At the same time, the humanized performance appraisal system is utilized to ensure the competitive salary, to cultivate and retain skilled staffs; the company also conducts continuous reforms on product process, to ensure the stable promotion of product quality!

Multiple Core Technologies Accumulation

Since the establishment of the company, Songzheng Instrument has taken the concentrating on meaningful “continuous innovation” as one of the core ideas of the company. The company pays special attention to innovation, and has accumulated multiple core technologies: it has multiple core technologies related to instruments such as high reliability design of instrument, small-signal extraction and processing under noise background, high accuracy composite temperature control, and it also has multiple patents and software copyrights.

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