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Mission of the company: Focusing on customers demand and helping customers perceive the world with science and technology

Vision of the company: Becoming the world top-ranking supplier for instrument and equipment, system and solution

Core value

We treat our customers with our heart

Providing customers with service is the only target of Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc; customer demand is the motive power for the development of Songzheng.

Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc treats customers with heat; by thinking on standpoint of customers, and on the basis of sticking to principles, the company realizes win-win among customers, staffs and the company.

We insist on meaningful continuous innovation

Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc is a technology-based company; it is necessary for the company to take the customer demand as the orientation, to research and develop useful and meaningful products for continuous innovation. Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc advocates that innovation is for application, but not for innovation itself, and the innovation must be meaningful.

We achieve common goal by teamwork

According to Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc, the ability of each person is limited, and the effective cooperation of team is the key to success in order to achieve extraordinary career. It is important for the company to establish a firm team to realize and strive to surpass the customer expectation.

We pursue for outstanding working achievement

Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc requires each of the staffs to keep passion and commitment, to pursue for outstanding working performance, to take effort to realize and surpass the customer expectation.

We insist on integrity

According to Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc, it is necessary for the company to be open, honest and frank on business, which is very important to win the trust of staffs as well as win the trust, respect and loyalty of customers. Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc treats the staffs with integrity, and requires the staffs to treatment the customers, suppliers as well as other social organizations and personals with integrity.

We will realize win-win

Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc lays stress on the win-win among enterprise, staffs and customers. Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc will concentrate on the pressure and challenge faced by the customers, and provides customers with instruments and equipment as well as solution with high quality, high cost performance and high usability, to achieve win-win with the customers. Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc devotes itself to the creation of the working environment which is the most suitable for staff development, and the building up of platforms and innovative mechanism for staffs to give their full play, to achieve the win-win with staffs.

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