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Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc is the world leading new high-tech enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of oil and chemical analysis instruments and equipment, with the main business scope of three main fields of oil and chemical analysis instrument, industrial gas analysis instrument and industrial on-line monitoring equipment; the company devotes itself to providing the users in industries such as electric power, petrifaction, medicine, environmental protection, defense-related science and technology and research institutes with high end instruments and equipment, system and solution with high reliability and preferable user experience.

Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc is one of most innovative enterprises in the industry; it has taken meaningful “continuous innovation” as one of the core ideas of the company since the establishment of the company. It has established the top ranking technology research and development team with Bian Zhiqiang, the doctor who graduated from Tsinghua University and used to study in Japan, as chief technical expert and multiple engineers with senior industry background as backbones. Songyue Instrument has international level technologies, as well as multiple core technologies, patents and software copyrights related to instruments.

High reliability and emphasis on extremely preferable user experience are the core contents of “Songyue”, the registered brand of Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc. The products of Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc have passed accurate calculation and strict black box test, and thousands of tests shall be conducted after the forming of products, to ensure the reliability of products. The components and parts selected for Songyue products are all first-line brands; besides, the top-ranking production process and the strict quality guarantee system ensures the high reliability of Songyue products.

Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc pays attention to user experience, and it takes “continuous improvement, accurate measurement and extremely preferable experience” as the quality principle of the company; taking providing extremely preferable customer experience as the product target, the company takes efforts to provide customers with satisfactory products.

Shandong Songzheng Instrument Inc takes “Focusing on customers demand and helping customers perceive the world with science and technology” as the mission of the company, and takes “Becoming the world top-ranking supplier for instrument and equipment, system and solution” as the vision of the company; it pays special attention to meaningful technological innovation, and strive to providing customers with high end products with high reliability and extremely preferable user experience, to realize the win-win among customers, staffs and the company!

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